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  • How much does it cost to have a COVID-19 test at Rural Health Inc.?

Blood Serum / Antibody Testing $52.00

Swab / Probe Confirmatory Testing $52.00


Rural Health Inc., collects no fees or copays for COVID-19 testing or services. These are provided to you free of charge. 


If Rural Health Inc., is in your network, we will collect no copays or fees for COVID-19 testing or treatment. If you receive a bill, please call us immediately at (618)-833-4471 so we can appeal or waive the fee for you.

If Rural Health Inc., is not in your network, your insurance may apply copays or deductibles for COVID-19 testing or treatment services. If you receive a bill, please call us immediately at (618)-833-4471 so we can appeal or waive the fee. 


Anna, IL: Rural Health Inc. is now providing rapid anti-body testing for COVID-19 to anyone desiring a test at all open locations. However, there is still special emphasis for those who are currently symptomatic. All testing must be coordinated with the Rural Health nursing staff before arrival. Testing is performed from the patients’ vehicle, with results being known in a 15-minute timeframe. This type of testing provides important information including past immunities, past infections, and current infections, if present. Confirmatory testing and a televisit with one of our providers may be necessary. Please call our office for questions or to make an appointment.

There is no out of pocket costs for the testing. If patients are commercially insured, Rural Health Inc. will bill their insurance. Whatever balance that may remain will be absorbed by the facility. In the event patients receive a bill, Rural Health Inc. asks that they reach out to the main office by calling 618-833-4471.